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  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    United Arab Emirates Special LineCoverage UAE, Delivery Time Limitation 4-5 Days, Signing and Receiving Rate 90%The United Arab Emirates Special Line is a 'Air Canada' Special Line mode that Yibang relies on its own network advantages in the United Arab Emirates. The first direct flight is scheduled to fly to Dubai. After the completion of commercial customs clearance and tax clearance at Dubai Airport, Yibang will be responsible for the last kilometre dispatch. Quick timeliness, safety assurance, the fastest response to customer needs.advantageSafety and Efficiency :Full Tracking, Easy C...
  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    Bulk warehouse integrationYibang Dubai Trailer Department was established in 2006 and has strong operational strength. At present, there are 10 self-operated trailers, more than 30 container pallets and bulk pallets. There are also a number of perennial cooperative trailer units. The business scope covers: container cargo delivered by local customs clearance in the UAE, and land trailer service in the six countries of the Gulf. We are familiar with the customs clearance policies of several Gulf countries. We are familiar with the various port land transport policies and have accumulated rich e...
  • Release time: 2019 - 08 - 07
    Saudi special line· Fast-track customs clearance channel · stable position, direct flight every day · 7-8 days aging · signing yield 85%The Saudi Arabian Special Line is a cross-border logistics line product that Yibang relies on its own strength in the Saudi network. A Middle East e-commerce logistics product that can be customized for the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers, with electricity, sunshine clearance, high investment rate and fast timeliness.advantageSafety and Efficiency :Full Tracking, Easy Customs Clearance, Controllable TimingSunshine Customs Clea...
  • Release time: 2018 - 08 - 23
    1. Service IntroductionCITITRANS has its own network coverage in major domestic airports (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and the largest airport in the Middle East. The company maintains long-term strategy with mainstream airlines in the Middle East (EK, SV, QR, CZ, CX, etc.) and obtained the core package, standard and designated sales agent qualifications. CITITRANS has many years of domestic and Middle East air transport experience, to provide our customers with efficient and convenient air transportation services.2, business process 3, service advantages◆ Covering the Middle...
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Noon announced its entry into the Egyptian e-commerce market

Date: 2019-02-20
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Source: cifnews
Release date: 2019-02-20
BrowsingS: 32

According to foreign media reports, Noon, the local e-commerce platform in the Middle East (February 19) announced that it will enter the Egyptian e-commerce market after the UAE and Saudi Arabia markets ?on Tuesday.It is reported that Noon was originally built by entrepreneur Mohamed Alabbar, the Saudi Public Investment Fund and a group of well-known Gulf investors with an initial capital of $1 billion. Now it is making Egypt its third regional market.?

Noon said in a statement that Egyptian consumers can now order from the beta version of, which promises to bring more choice, affordability and convenience to Egyptian consumers. The products will involve electronics and fashion , beauty, baby, home and kitchen, and other categories, and provide consumers with free shipping and free return service.

Noon announced its entry into the Egyptian e-commerce market

(beta version of

It is reported that Noon Egypt is headquartered in Smart Village (Smart Village, Technology Innovation Business District), and its ground team is currently in the test stage before the official release. Noon also has a fully operational logistics center in the Abu Rawash area of Cairo and plans to set up another five centers.Alabbar said: 'The Egyptian e-commerce market is still young, and Noon has the opportunity to help Egypt build a perfect digital platform through the launch of this beta. We are very excited to start a strong relationship with the local retail community and customers and support Egypt. Development and entering the new e-commerce market.'Alabbar also pointed out that most Egyptian retailers are either not involved in online sales or have limited online business. In addition, Noon will recruit Egyptian talent to join its local team.

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