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    1. Service IntroductionThe company specializes in shipping in the Middle East for more than ten years . It has opened up a new Kenyan shipping line and established long-term strategic partnerships with major shipping companies (Cosco, APL, HPL, EMC, WHL, OOCL, etc.) in the Middle East and Africa.  As a diversified logistics company, CITITRANS has absolute price and timeliness advantages in shipping. In 2017, the company won the Smart Services Award for M-Token Services. It is the only Chinese logistics company that has won awards in Dubai, and has obtained the top prime one agency rights ...
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    1. Service IntroductionCITITRANS has Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Yiwu etc. large-scale modern warehouses, Sharjah in the UAE, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia , providing you with bulk cargo consolidation service, stable sailing schedule to Dubai every week, shorter shipping schedule Less cost, from domestic port logistics to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman...You only need to deliver the goods to our designated warehouses in China, and the whole process of logistics services to the whole of the UAE.2, business process 3, service advantagesFlexible consolidation: According to custome...
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Policy dividends, a new round of explosive growth in cross-border logistics is coming

Date: 2018-07-31
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Release date: 2018-07-31
BrowsingS: 52

Ushering in intensive policy dividends

A new round of explosive growth in cross-border logistics is coming

On July 13, Premier Li Keqiang held a standing meeting and decided to establish a new cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone to continuously promote opening up and promote foreign trade transformation and upgrading. So far, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area has been expanded to 35 times, which?encouraging enterprises to accelerate the construction of “overseas warehouses” and global marketing networks. The customs import and export cargo declaration will be implemented on August 1st... Recently ,The policy of cross-border e-commerce??is positive, that?providing strong support for enterprises to establish a global logistics supply chain and overseas logistics service system. E-commerce and express delivery giants have already targeted the huge “Qian Jing” of cross-border logistics and accelerated the relevant layout. In the opinion of experts, a new round of explosive growth of cross-border logistics will come, and in the future, the level of intelligentization of cross-border e-commerce warehousing logistics should be further improved, and logistics efficiency will be blocked.

Policy is good for "hot" cross-border logistics

Cross-border e-commerce is welcoming intensive policy dividends. On the one hand, the state provides preferential policies for cross-border e-commerce development, and on the other hand, it continuously improves supporting measures in customs clearance, inspection and overseas warehouse construction, and exports e-commerce for cross-border export. Development provides infrastructure support.

In April this year, the administrative responsibilities and teams for entry-exit inspection and quarantine were officially transferred to the General Administration of Customs. After the institutional reform, the standards for “one-time declaration”, “one inspection” and “one release” and “three ones” were realized in customs clearance operations. The merger of customs and commodity inspection has greatly improved the convenience of cross-border e-commerce in customs clearance and inspection.

On July 13, the State Council executive meeting decided to establish a new cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, and 22 cities including Beijing, Hohhot, Shenyang and Yiwu were selected. So far, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone has been expanded to 35 times.

The meeting requested that the relevant departments and city governments should deepen the reform of the “distribution service” in the foreign trade field, take the cross-border e-commerce as a breakthrough, further simplify the process in logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, etc., streamline the examination and approval, improve customs integration, information sharing, etc. Supporting policies to promote inclusive and prudent and effective regulatory innovation, and promote international trade liberalization, facilitation and business innovation. Increase the import of competitive products from abroad, encourage enterprises to accelerate the construction of “overseas warehouses” and global marketing networks, build well-known brands of cross-border e-commerce, actively explore diversified markets, promote the stable development of foreign trade, and enhance international competitiveness.

In the eyes of the industry, this provides a strong support for enterprises to establish a global logistics supply chain and overseas logistics service system. In fact, logistics construction has always been a hot spot for cross-border e-commerce strategic layout, and it is also the focus of policy support.

In April 2015, the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Internet + Circulation Action Plan”, clearly proposing to promote the construction of 100 e-commerce overseas warehouses within two years.

In the 2016 government work report, it was specifically proposed to take effective measures to support powerful e-commerce companies to set up overseas warehouses, further improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce logistics costs, shorten marketing links, and improve distribution efficiency.

The 13th Five-Year Plan for Express Industry Development (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”) issued in January 2017 made a clear statement on the layout of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and called for accelerated development of international logistics and bonded logistics. Support the advantages of e-commerce logistics enterprises to strengthen the alliance, deploy overseas logistics bases and warehouse distribution centers in countries and regions with mature conditions. The "Planning" also clearly proposes to encourage key express delivery enterprises to serve overseas cross-border e-commerce and accompany overseas development of domestic enterprises as an opportunity to connect with overseas logistics systems and build a cross-border delivery network based on the surrounding areas and covering the “Belt and Road” and globally.

Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, proposed in the National Postal Administration Work Conference in 2018 to strengthen the construction of an international mail express air transport network, support qualified enterprises to open overseas positions and encourage joint construction and sharing, and improve the world competitiveness of China's express delivery brands.

In the eyes of experts and industry insiders, the policy encourages the acceleration of cross-border logistics construction, and will speed up the construction of the speeding logistics system and drive more capital inflows. The increasingly perfect service logistics system will also promote the full release of cross-border e-commerce dividends.

E-Commerce Research Center B2B and cross-border e-commerce director and senior analyst Zhang Zhouping said in an interview with the Economic Information Daily that e-commerce giants have continuously increased cross-border logistics construction in recent years, with policy dividends and increased competition. To improve the user's shopping experience and other factors, e-commerce giants should also make breakthroughs in the construction of logistics.

More measures to get through the efficiency of obstruction

In the opinion of experts, the current development of cross-border logistics in China is also facing some challenges. “The first is the cross-border e-commerce logistics chain, which causes high logistics costs, slow distribution time and poor user experience. Second, the intelligence of warehousing logistics is not high.” Zhang Zhouping said.

In fact, the government is also working to solve the problem of cross-border logistics. The "Provisional Regulations on Express Delivery" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") adopted by the State Council's executive meeting has clarified a number of measures to enhance the processing capacity of cross-border express shipments. Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, pointed out that the "Regulations" support the construction of inbound and outbound express delivery centers at key ports, and also encourage express delivery companies to open service agencies overseas to carry out cross-border business. At the same time, the relevant government departments are required to form a joint force and a sound mechanism to facilitate the smooth customs clearance of express mail.

It is reported that the Customs import and export cargo declaration will be implemented on August 1, and the customs declaration and inspection form will be merged into one customs declaration. "The combination of customs declaration and inspection form will improve the efficiency of the entire customs, and the speed, efficiency and experience of the e-commerce will be obviously improved for the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry," Zhang said.

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